Have you ever…

Attended a seminar, webinar or workshop and…

Not understood what was being presented?

Felt the money you invested in the education didn’t increase your knowledge?

Been frustrated because you couldn’t remember the tactics or strategies presented by the time you got back to the office?

Tried to contact the presenter afterward to clarify key points of information, and told that they weren’t available?

Felt like the webinar was more of a sales pitch?

Said afterward, “Well that’s an hour of my life I can’t get back!”

So Did We!

We went to:

  • Webinars
  • Lunch and learns
  • ½ day or full day seminars
  • Weekend workshops
  • Spent lots of $$ and Loads of Time

And in a lot of cases, received no benefit.

And It Made Our Blood Boil!

Entrepreneurs and consultants were desperate for good information, practical training, and support. Out of frustration came the idea to offer low cost seminars to fill the gap that all the webinars and seminars weren’t addressing.

In 2010, after co-presenting at a NAWBO Louisville Chapter seminar, Sheryl approached Charlene to partner on delivering workshops that really taught business owners the strategies and tactics of Online and Social Media Marketing.

She agreed. In October of 2010, Online Marketing Pros was established.

Our purpose is to deliver high quality, chicken nuggets of information about Online Marketing techniques in a classroom setting, where you bring a laptop and perform the tactics.

In our first year, we taught 100+ business owners at in-person seminars and have instructed 1000+ through our blog, blog talk radio program, and Facebook pages with rave reviews.

Interested in learning more?

Interested in having us teach your marketing team?

Thinking about offering a class to your Association members?

Contact us today: info@onlinemktpro.com